Orbit is about the adventures of the planets, moons, and other objects in space. Except Earth is starting to get a little stir crazy. With such a huge universe out there, why does he have to be stuck in this puny solar system? There has to be more to life than just spinning around in circles… right? The strip is updated randomly¬†a few times a week, currently. Also, (sometimes) there are extra comics in the blog section on Tuesdays and Thursdays as well. So clear some space in your schedule.. Aha ha ha. Ha. SPACE!


Orbit is written and “drawn” by Johnny Lin. He’s not comfortable writing in the third person.

He appreciates any kind of feedback, so drop him a line through email or the comments! He also loves anything webcomic-related, so just let him know if you are ever interested in fanart (aka drawing circles with faces), guest strips, or whatever. He can be reached at He is also “one tasty dish”*. *Thanks, Grandma!

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