Movin’ On Up

If you guys are interested, here’s the new comic: We Could Be Happy

So I’ll be working on that for the time being. But the other day I was going through some Orbit (yes, I read my own stuff…and laugh… shut up) and I do miss it. So some time in the future, expect more!

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  1. rk

    oh orbit is great D: you should keep it going!

  2. Rikku

    raaah update orbit again.

    • Milly

      This is way more heplufl than anything else I’ve looked at.

  3. Ax

    I miss Orbit…I was watching a show on Jupiter’s moons this morning and I couldn’t stop laughing at it because of this comic. ^^ Come back soon, kay?

  4. ASP

    please start Orbit again soon, it was SOOO funny, and i really miss it. i mean, i guess i do have literally a dozen other web comics i read on a daily basis, but i still miss Orbit

  5. LPR

    Please update Orbit soon! I miss it so much it’s ridiculous! At least think about it.. we all miss it, though We Could Be Happy is hilarious too.

  6. Andore Mordre

    Yeah, I miss it too. I’ll join in the begging.

    Please bring Orbit back!! I just made an “other comics” list on my website and one of the listings leads to a comic that isn’t updating!

  7. Limzee

    I miss Orbits. :(

  8. Dark Illusions

    Please come back to us orbit

  9. Siobhan

    Are you starting orbit anytime soon? I loved it :(

  10. Andore Mordre

    Well, we are now officially one year since the last Orbit update, and still no word since the last We Could Be Happy update in October.

    (but I’m still checking this site every week)

  11. Dark Illusions

    Almost going on two years now. Sigh

    • Andore Mordre

      Officially two years now.

      Keep an eye on WCBH, that domain expires in less than a month. If it’s still around after April 9th, he’s still alive. Hopefully.

  12. SIllylaureate

    I loved Orbit. It’s been so long V_V

  13. DarkIllusions

    Almost been a full 4 years now, but I still come back to it from time to time in hopes you bring it back

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