#1: Old Habits Die Hard

Ahh, number one. I don’t think I made this clear enough, but this is supposed to be a joke that Earth tells every year to this same Space Rock. But this year, the joke has finally lost its luster…and this throws Earth into his tailspin of realizing how meaningless his life is.

Jokes are funnier when you explain them! Right!? Am I right!?

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  1. Jan

    But…what brown thing do we get close to each year?

  2. Johnny

    That’s actually a really good question…

    *runs away*

  3. David

    Well what is the brown thing that the arth is talking to……

  4. Spaceman Dan

    @David: I think it’s just some random Asteriod floting in space.

    P.S to everyone: just to avoid future confusion my actual name isn’t actually Dan. I just like how it rymes.

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